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Future Proof Cloud Solutions

Sue employs more than one hundred Cloud Native experts. Together we ensure that your organization is future proof! Read more below about the state-of-the-art Cloud technologies we can help you with, or contact us directly.

Get It Done With Us

Cloud Strategy

The appropriate use of public cloud services provides you with benefits in terms of innovation, time to market, efficiency, operational costs and flexibility. If you want to take your first steps towards the cloud, then it is essential to develop a fitting vision and strategy so that you can make the right decisions when designing the foundation, for example the choice of platform and services, but also the technical architecture. Sue supports and advises you in developing this vision and strategy.


Cloud Migration

A cloud migration can involve a single service or application, but also entire application landscapes and infrastructures. Sue ensures that your migration to the cloud runs smoothly and effortlessly, while completely taking care of it and directing it. In situations where you only want advice and guidance, you can also benefit from Sue’s knowledge and years of experience.

Cloud Cost Optimisation

It is important to keep track of the cost of your cloud services and infrastructure. Sue ensures that the design of your cloud environment is set up cost-effectively, and that you have insight into the structure of the costs through dashboards. This can be done to a detailed level. If you already have a cloud environment, we can perform a cost optimization scan for you. Such a scan results in recommendations of ways to control your operational cloud costs, but also how to gain better visibility and control.

Using a public cloud may not be appropriate for your organization in some situations. This might be the case if you want to keep data and services on-premise due to legal restrictions and regulations or need low latency access to the data or services. Sue gives you advice and takes care of the design of your private cloud. Issues such as storage, connectivity, scalability, availability, continuity, contingency, access control, and security are taken into consideration.

Hybrid Cloud

In some cases you want to completely migrate to the cloud. In other cases it is wiser to opt for a “hybrid cloud strategy”. In this situation, you only migrate the infrastructure components and applications which would provide added value by running in the cloud, while the rest would continue running from your own data center or office. Sue gives you advice and takes care of the design of your hybrid cloud architecture. This includes issues such as (inter)connectivity, “outscaling to the cloud’, storage, availability, resilience, identity services, and security. 

Multi Cloud

The use of a single public cloud platform is not desirable in every situation. This could be because of wanting greater independence, better (geographical) accessibility, or due to restrictions within legal & governance. Sue advises and takes care of the professional design of your multi-cloud infrastructure. Controllability, platform independent tooling, and observability are important topics.

Managing Your Business
Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

Managed Cloud

Just as with your on-premise environment, Sue can take care of managing your cloud infrastructure. You decide which parts of your cloud environment would be managed by Sue. You maintain complete control and insight, since you have access to modern analysis and monitoring tooling. In addition, you receive regular reports on the performance, stability, and condition of your cloud infrastructure.