Sue is one of the largest Cloud Native Services organizations in Europe. Customers ask Sue to design, build, support, manage, improve and innovate new environments. Our services include Consultancy, Professional services and Managed services. How can we help you?



IT is changing very quickly. Do you need experienced specialists that can integrate the latest technologies with in-depth IT expertise? Sue Consultancy has the right specialist capacity with which you can prevent and remedy very complex and risky issues. Sue has more than a hundred Cloud Native experts on staff with knowledge of system integration & management, automation, containerization and architecture. These experts advise organizations on many levels of their IT processes. The consultants carry out functions such as DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer and Solutions Architects.

Professional services


Innovative projects are often complex in their processes and well as in technology content. Consider projects such as cloud migration or the development of CI/CD pipelines. In addition, problems may develop that can seem unsolvable due to limited resources. Sue offers customization, starting with a thorough assessment and setting up a plan of action. We use Waterval and Scrum methodologies depending on the specificities of the project. The Sue Professional Services team gets to work quickly and with great detail. The client is continuously kept informed about the status of the project. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our project approach.

Managed services


Customers benefit from our total solution packages. They can fully focus on their organizational goals and we take care of an effective and efficient cloud infrastructure, which is critical in a modern organization. With Managed Services, Sue offers three levels of support, providing direct contact with our experts in a reactive (ticket) and proactive (monitoring) way and subsequently Service Level Management. Trough evaluation0 satisfaction will be measured. The result helps to continuously improve our process. Outage minimization is an additional service that continuously analyzes which problems can occur. On this basis we give recommendations, ultimately aiming for 0 tickets and 0 outage. As an additional optional service, we offer advice on your Open Source Lifecycle. Our experts analyze the business impact and give advice on the architecture. Your organization is therefore optimally designed for the future as well! Do you contact us for a free consultation?


Let’s talk about your Cloud Journey

Please contact us if you have any questions! Interested in a personal meeting? You are welcome at Sue HQ.

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