The OneWelcome journey to a cloud-native platform


Only a few years ago OneWelcome (Onegini) was delivering software for on premises installations. Stein Wellberg and Bart van der Schans will present why and how they made the decision to move to cloud-only and what that meant for their company. How did this impact the engineering practices? What changed in how to architect, build and deploy our software? How did they evolve over time?

You will get an in depth look at the current platform and how they leverage AWS services, Terraform, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Spring Boot, Helm, Skaffold, CI/CD, GitOps tools and Serverless to build and run their cloud environment. What did OneWelcome learn (the hard way) and where do they want to go next?


CTO Product

Stein Welberg

Stein Welberg is CTO product at OneWelcome. He is a creative mind with a keen sense for how things work. A true problem solver that also likes to build things. Lives by KiSS; Keeping it Simple and Secure. Loves everything software.

For the past 9.5 years he has been with OneWelcome, helping to build the organisation and create their innovative security solutions. Prior to that he worked for a consultancy company specialized in Identity & Access management. Studied Business & IT at the University of Twente.

In his spare time, you are likely to find him on a race bike, in the water (to play water polo) or on ski’s.

Head of Cloud Operations

Bart van der Schans

Born in Amsterdam Bart was fascinated by computers from a young age.  He made his first programming steps on the C64 and Amiga and loves programming till this day.

After studying physics at the UvA he went on to work for one of the first ISPs in the Netherlands. There he found his passion for system operations (linux) and building “platforms”. In an over a 20-year period he has built up his operational experience, starting with physical servers, next virtualized servers then onwards to containers and finally moving everything into the cloud.

Currently Bart manages the platform team at OneWelcome, building and operating the Cloud platform in Kubernetes on AWS (EKS) using DevOps, GitOps en IaC principles making extensive use of tools like Terraform, Helm, CircleCI, Flux and AWS services.

The OneWelcome Journey
Thursday, December 2
4 p.m. – 5 p.m.
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