Smart Home: anything, anywhere and anytime

Every cloud has a silver lining Golden Edge

In this talk we’ll look at the options you have for managing all the various components that comprise the ‘need’ to access anything, anywhere and anytime. This in regard to controlling your home or processing your technological curiosity experiments. We dive into finding the optimal balance to keep bandwidth costs low and compute power near assets needing processing. We’ll also look into performant video object detection (and processing), connecting your sensors, domotica and of course ensuring optimal connectivity.

Warning: may contain overenthusiastic statements, KISS-inspired but overcomplicated setups, great solutions by other SUE and statistics and pictures of and business-cases driven by cats and kittens.


For those not familiar with Tom, he is 46 years of age and lives with his wife and two kittens in a mostly automated smart home. He is a long term open-source and Linux and FreeBSD enthusiast, more recently Home Assistant adept and contributor, sea-scout, radio amateur, happily (in no particular order) enjoys biking, skiing, golfing, gaming and coding.

Every cloud has a silver lining Golden Edge.
Thursday, August 4
16.00 – 17.00 Talk & Demo
17.00 – 19.00 Dinner & Drinks

You are more than welcome to join us at Sue HQ (Geldermalsen). Please let us know soon, because there are limited places available*. No costs involved.
*Colleagues do not have to register.

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