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another happy customer!


“We experienced a lot of disruption in our infrastructure (running on VMware vSphere) and did not feel ‘in control’ any longer. We asked Sue for this matter and they automated many management tasks and processes with technologies such as Ansible and Ansible Tower.

Our platform has become much more self-sufficient and the necessary management effort has been significantly reduced. In addition, the platform is more stable than ever, we are again fully ‘in control’!”


“At peak times our webshop crashed under its own success. That cost us sales. Sue migrated our platform, including webshop, to AWS. The available capacity is now increased by AWS autoscaling based on demand. All this happens fully automatic, so we can get in with confidence the weekend. So the webshop is now fast, independent of time and location.%22


%22Sue  has realized our new OpenStack platform, including CI/CD pipelines based on Gitlab and Jenkins. Since our organization has to comply with national laws and regulations, Sue engineers have included this requirement in the design, so that we are now fully compliant with the AVG a.o.

In the technical field, application deployments processing time has been significantly improved. In addition, our developers have more insight and control over the release processes.%22


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