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Breaking Cloud Native Web APIs in their natural habitat

CNFuzz is an open source project written in Golang that automates fuzzing web APIs deployed in Kubernetes clusters. Fuzzing web APIs in their fully converged Cloud Native state renders more representative results, just like it would have been deployed in production!

How CNFuzz works

1. Track changes

CNFuzz tracks hashes of all pod container images in Kubernetes. When pods are updated or created, (re)deployed new web API versions will automatically be fuzzed.

2. Fuzz & Detect

By fuzzing, random and unexpected data is being send to your web APIs to detect potential security and stability issues, such as failing application logic and crashes.

3. Get insights

The fuzzing results will be stored in a data lake, a centralized platform where you can process, analyze and visualize all your structured and unstructured data.

Why use CNFuzz?

  Fuzz web API logic where they actually operate, especially when fuzzing complete Service Meshes
  Integrate and/or build data lakes with fuzzing data on top of AWS S3 based storage
  Save expensive Cloud CI/CD pipeline credits by using idle Kubernetes cluster resources
  Fuzz web APIs outside of your CI/CD pipeline
  Meet heavy performance requirements for your fuzzing (when Cloud based CI/CD pipelines do not suffice)
  Fuzz web APIs of services which are interconnected and are being deployed by different teams in the same Kubernetes cluster
  Automatically fuzz existing opensource software for instability issues
  Get excited over fuzzing farms

Working with CNFuzz

Get started

Click on the yellow button below to check out CNFuzz on Github. Then install this awesome opensource project right away on your Kubernetes cluster. Simple and free!


CNFuzz is an initiative from Sue and everyone is welcome to join! Create issues and pull requests via Github and contribute to this open source project yourself.

Getting help

Do you need support that cannot be handled via issue tracking? You can contact the CNFuzz developers via the contact form below or call +31 345 656 666 for urgent matters.

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CNFuzz Support

Submit your CNFuzz questions and Kubernetes challenges below. The CNFuzz developers will contact you as soon as possible. For very urgent matters, please call +31 345 656 666.