Cloud Native Engineering using Kubernetes

Cloud Native Engineering using Kubernetes

In the fast-evolving world of Cloud Native, engineers are constantly looking for new technologies and tools that solve today’s challenges. Finding your missing piece of open-source software feels great. But nothing beats the feeling of creating and releasing your selfmade masterpiece.

Luuk can tell you all about it. He is the lead developer for cnfuzz: a project written in Golang that automates fuzzing web APIs deployed in Kubernetes clusters. By tracking hashes of all container images, (re)deployed web API versions will be fuzzed – to detect potential security and stability issues. Using this project and various demos Luuk will show you:

  • why it’s great to build software with and for Ku​​bernetes;
  • what’s an easy way to start with cloud native development;
  • how the k8s API works;
  • which tools you can use to debug (and develop);
  • and of course, the ins and outs of cnfuzz!


Luuk van den Maagdenberg started his career as graduation intern at the Sue Incubator. His research on “How can a web API within a Kubernetes cluster be automatically checked on security and stability issues through fuzzing?” resulted in promising outcomes. That’s why Sue invited Luuk after his study Cyber Security & Software Engineering to put his research into practice. May 5 will be the first time he will tell about cnfuzz, but it will definitely not the last time you will hear about this project!

Besides cnfuzz, Luuk works on a NXP-project and he will start engineering for a Dutch banking organization soon. With his refreshing ideas and in-depth knowledge of modern technologies such as Golang, Kubernetes, AWS, Data Lake and CI/CD, Luuk definitely belongs to the next generation of promising cloud native engineers!

Cloud Native Engineering using Kubernetes
Thursday, May 5
16.00 – 17.00 Talk & Demo
17.00 – 19.00 Dinner & Drinks

You are more than welcome to join us at Sue HQ (Geldermalsen) or watch the livestream. Please let us know soon, because there are limited places available*. No costs involved.
*Colleagues do not have to register.

Update: this registration is closed, but every first Thursday of the month you are welcome at Sue HQ for another great tech talk. Don’t miss out? Keep an eye on our website and social media.