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Experts in Cloud Native Solutions

Sue has been around for over twenty years and employs more than a hundred Cloud Native experts! These highly qualified experts advise organizations in designing, building, supporting, managing, improving, and innovating their IT infrastructure and business applications.



Sue is the Cloud Native expert. Our mission is to help customers with their Cloud Journey. Thanks to our focus on technology and quality over the years,  Sue has more than a hundred satisfied customers. 

Our goals:
Building a Cloud Native framework that makes customers future-proof faster
Expanding our international services

Core Values

Express your Tech DNA

Sue is a high tech company. Cloud Native technologies shape the core of our organization. Our Cloud Native experts follow the latest technical developments and are continuously looking to improve and immerse themselves in new technologies or interesting tech applications!

Committed to our Customers

Our customers expect premium services. All Sue experts are 100% dedicated to helping customers with their challenges. In this way, we ensure that customers effortlessly take advantage of the most advanced technological trends. We do this with excellent know-how and professionalism.

Achieve your Full Potential

Implementing improvements and innovations often takes far too long. Sue experts get to work right away. When it comes to business-critical processes, work proceeds very carefully. However, our experts are not hindered by stacks of paper and legacy. We deliver in the short term with sight to the long term.


Would you like to know more about Sue, our services or cloud solutions? Please fill in the contact form or feel free to visit Sue HQ. Parking is free and our coffee is great!

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